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We have long known smoking can cause horrendous disease, from lung cancer, to other sever respiratory disorders. As the understading of these effects has increase, thanfully more and more people are looking to stop smoking. Champix is a medication which can help you stop smoking, as it works on nicotine receptors in your brain. In doing so it lessens your cravings for cigarettes, whilst also reducing the pleasure derived from smoking.

If you would like to quit smoking, our online doctor can help. Just fill out our online assessment, select your treatment option, and we will then assess it’s suitability for you. Once approved by our doctor, the pharmacy team will dispense your medication, and post to your address. Champix is an effective aid in stopping smoking, and you can read more about Champix  (Vaernicline) here.

If you don’t feel Champix is for you, or you’re just not quite ready to quit, an alternative option is electronic cigarettes. Whilst extensive studies have not yet been completed, most doctors agree that the use of an electronic cigarette much safer than traditional cigarttes, which contain tobacco. You can buy Nicolites, Vivid E-Liquids and a range of other electronic cigarettes from Simple Online Pharmacy.

We have checked our prices against our competitors and are amongst the cheapest online for all treatments. There are no prescription fees, and no delivery charges on orders over £35.  We guarantee you the lowest price online from online pharmacies registered with the GPhC and MHRA. If you find a price cheaper elsewhere, just message us, and we will match it.

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